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Sports Day Organized at Waheguru Public School

“Winning is not everything but making the effort to win is.” Waheguru Public School Pamal Organised Sports Day activities on 14-May-2022 where students took part in various games and activities like Yoga Meditation Tug of war Frog race balance game Obstacle race Kicking ball &…

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Food distribution among patients and attendants in Grewal Eye Hospital

On account of Aagmanpurb of Guru Nanak Dev Ji WPSians made an effort for humanity. All the students and staff brought extra food with their day meals. The food was collected and then some students and a teacher went to a hospital. All the food…

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Inter school Athletic meet

WPS under 10 and under 12 sports stars participated in Inter-school Athletic Meet held by Guru Nanak International Public School. We won 1 Gold Medal in 400m and 1 Gold in Long jump. Congratulations to staff, teachers and parents.        

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Day out at F2 Raceway

Children enjoy the most when together and when outdoor with lots of games and activities to do. We went to F2 Raceway for the fun and learning. Rest you can see in pictures below 🙂           

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Inter-school Shabad Gayan Competition

WPS participated in inter-school shabad gayan competition organised by Guru Nanak International Public School on Oct 25th, 2018.  

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