“Say no to China Dor” rally against deadly Chinese Manja

Say no to China Dor (plastic kite string)

As you read this more birds,children and adults are being injured or killed by chinador

Let’s join hands and spread awareness

China DOR, also known as manja or string, is traditionally made from a type of natural thread called “abra.” Abra thread is made from the fibers of the “abra” plant, which is a type of palm tree that is native to India and Pakistan. The fibers are collected from the tree, cleaned, and then spun into thread.

Say no to China Dor

The thread is then coated with a mixture of glue and powdered glass, which gives it its strength and cutting ability. The coating process is typically done by hand, and the string is dried before it is packaged and sold.

However, in recent years, there has been a move away from using natural abra thread in favor of synthetic materials such as nylon or polyethylene. These synthetic materials are cheaper and easier to produce, but they are also more dangerous because they are more likely to cause injury if they come into contact with skin.

In some countries, the use of glass-coated kite strings is banned due to safety concerns, as it can cause serious injuries or even death.

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